Mad Designer at work is getting a Redesign

If you're here because I applied for a position at your company I'd check my Links / Resume on LinkedIn. I've worked on or made from scratch about +100 websites over +14 years. There are a few links below for you to check out.

While working at my last position at The John Birch Society I found out that Web Designers like myself are quite good at many things. I often helped the Social Media department with MailChimp and other Social Media tasks. Ideally my next position would be willing to let me get involved with Email Template creation, SEO, Social Media management, and Web Design.

Final note, I am currently investing in my education for IT, Mobile Application Programming, and Design. I want to become better than I am right now because I have dreams of creating mobile applications, and being "The Web / Social / Graphic / SEO / IT Guy" for a company. I look forward to talking to you [920.784.3466] about how my dreams line up with your companies needs, also here is my email.